Sézanne, un soleil en Champagne

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Welcome to Sézanne and the department of Marne.

This document has been created thanks to the help of Mr.Jean-Louis Harmant, an amateur historian of Sézanne whose great knowledge seems quite without limits. Furthermore, we are grateful to Miss Florence Parolari, Miss Virginie Soret and Miss Laetitia Vinot of the Sézanne Tourist Office who proved to be as competent as they are charming. Many thanks to all of them.

Our informations come mainly from books written by Fr. Boyer, P. Brouard and R. Guyot and from internet.

This site was created on 16th of July 2000 and updated on 6th of June 2016.

Sézanne is a charming little town of about 6000 inhabitants, located in France, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, in the south-east of the department of the Marne.
For those who live far away, we'd like to underline that the Marne is essentially the "champagne", a beverage known worldwide as THE drink for celebrations, even by those for whom a fizzy drink only comes in little red aluminum cans and tastes like medicine.
For others, the Marne means Reims with Clovis's christening by St.Rémi in 498, the coronation of the French Kings, such as Charles VII accompanied by Jeanne d¹Arc in 1429; or else it means the beautiful cathedral of Reims with its "smiling angel" (ange au sourire); it also means Châlons-en-Champagne with the victory of Aetius over Attila at the Champs Catalauniques in 451, or else Valmy, with the victory of the Armées de l¹An II over the Prussians in 1792; and finally it means for some the first battle of the Marne, with the Marais de St.Gond to the north of Sézanne, as one of the theaters of war (September 1914).
For us however, the Marne is Verdey, the place where Udine, the most famous boulonnais horse of the Internet, accepted to share our life after coming to us from her birthplace in the Picardie.
To be more precise, Verdey is a small village of about a dozen houses located a few kilometers from Sézanne. That's the reason why we have decided to share our love for this town with you.



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